Development comes with extending helping hands and this core ideology drove us all along in our decade-long journey. We then decided we should give back to the society that gave us an opportunity to grow.

And, that’s where we formed Veritis Foundation!

Veritis is committed to bringing in a positive change in communities across the world through social responsibility initiatives. This reflects in every CSR activity we do globally.


Veritis Activities

Veritis Foundation has been actively working with different organizations of all sizes and has taken up various social responsibility initiatives till date, and will continue to do so...



We love to move beyond barriers for a noble cause, and that’s what our approach to every activity is.

Working towards a true cause is the main driving force behind our every social responsibility initiative. And, the result is definitely a classic combination of our core values: Empathy, Diligence, Excellence, Ingenuity and Verity.


We adhere to a set of core values in all our activities. We take up ownership of these values and incorporate a sense of responsibility in every move.

Making Great Things Possible

Veritis is a global Information Technology (IT) services provider focused on delivering high value to clients through integrated, reliable and cost-effective solutions. A deep experience in dealing with complex IT projects, emerging technologies and cutting-edge services made us invaluable to our clients. We have been a trusted partner to several small, medium and Fortune 500 companies for over a decade.

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